Frequently Asked Questions

You can be told to move or remove structure, and be fined 4 times. Permit fee I.E. $100 x 4 = $400 fine.
In most cases the owner of the property will get an Owner Builder Permit (we will help fill out the paperwork). Commercial property requires a general contractor to get a Permit for an extra fee.
  1. Two copies of engineered/stamped drawings of structure supplied by us.
  2. Two copies of your survey/site plan. We will help you draw the structure on the survey.
  3. The partial control number found on your tax bill from calling your Property Appraiser Office.


Look through your mortgage papers. If you still can’t find your survey go to your Building Dept. and request copies for a small fee. NOTE: All of Backyard Depots SHEDS, CARPORTS, GAZEBOS, or STEEL BUILDINGS have stamped engineered plans.


We bring out your structure on a tilting trailer with rollers, and a pickup truck on a normal delivery.

Normal delivery means ACCESS REQUIRED, so we can back in truck and trailer. No fences, trees, well pumps, and/or other obstacles.

Remove obstacle I.E. fence section, move/cut tree or bushes.


Sheds and Gazebos can be brought in by a crane, with crane price determined by crane company. We will arrange for the crane. Gazebos can be built on the site for an extra fee depending on size.


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