The Back Yard Depot

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Permit?


What if I don't get a Permit?

You can be told to move or remove structure, and be fined 4 times.
Permit fee I.E. $100 x 4 = $400 fine.

Who gets the Permit?

In most cases the owner of the property will get an Owner Builder Permit (we will help fill out the paperwork). Commercial property requires a general contractor to get a Permit for an extra fee.

What do I need to get a Permit?

A- Two copies of engineered/stamped drawings of structure supplied by us. B- Two copies of your survey/site plan. We will help you draw the structure on the survey. C- The partial control number found on your tax bill from calling your Property Appraiser Office.

I don't have my survey- what should I do?

Look through your mortgage papers. If you still can’t find your survey go to your Building Dept. and request copies for a small fee. NOTE: All of Backyard Depots SHEDS, CARPORTS, GAZEBOS, or STEEL BUILDINGS have stamped engineered plans.

How do you deliver Sheds, and Gazebos?

We bring out your structure on a tilting trailer with rollers, and a pickup truck on a normal delivery.

What do you mean by NORMAL DELIVERY?

Normal delivery means ACCESS REQUIRED, so we can back in truck and trailer. No fences, trees, well pumps, and/or other obstacles.

What if there are obstacles?

Remove obstacle I.E. fence section, move/cut tree or bushes.

I don't want to move tree, fence, or any other obstacle, what now?

Sheds and Gazebos can be brought in by a crane, with crane price determined by crane company. We will arrange for the crane. Gazebos can be built on the site for an extra fee depending on size.